Integrated Parking Service

Car Washing

IPS has launched an advanced traditional car wash mode with a minimum usage of water. It is designed to reduce water usage and waste – keeping the parking premises & the environment clean and trendy look.

   IPS wash allows the property/location owner to offer value-added services.

   Generates incremental income from a low or nonproducing asset.

   Our flexible retail footprint expedites and eases implementation.

   Minimal to no need of structural modifications.

Advantages of IPS Wash

   Non – friction washing

   No need to move the car

   Maximum protection of the car

   No personal time is wasted

   No waste of energy not water

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Car Washing

Our Speciality

Strong eco-friendly, environmental care positioning

Focused on “Green Environment

Generates incremental income from a low or non-producing asset

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We are regarded as one of the best companies in the industry for supplying valet services on a casual and continuous basis.

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Thank you so much for providing nothing-less-than-expected excellent valet parking for Entrepreneurs!

Peter Daniels

Thank you, for providing the great valet services to guests at holiday party on absolutely freezing night!

Sofia Dylan

A great deal easier and the service from all of you is second to none. I’m very sure we'll speak again soon

Joel Elliott

Chairman and founder